Search engines

For some time, businesses have been slowly realizing that in order to survive, not expand or develop consumer bases, but survive in this world of ever quickening markets, they must invest in some type of online marketing. Online sales are becoming the backbone of successful business. It’s not analysts, and marketing professionals that are pushing for these new advancements in online marketing. Rather, it is television pundits and personalities, the family and best friends of consumers, even those unknown passersby that are exclaiming, “Out with the old, and in with the new!”

So what is new?

What is new is something that has been under development for some time now. It is even something that most marketing professional know something about. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what is new. Search marketing itself is not a new concept, as got off the ground in the mid 2000’s. However, what SEO resellers are pouching their industry to due for the sake of online sales is brand new. SEO reseller programs are diversifying.

Yes, it is estimated that 88.1% of Americans over the age of 14 use search engines. Also true is the fact that approximately 80% of online search engine users click exclusively on organic results. Furthermore, the statistics showing that 39% of all customers come from an online search prove the usefulness of the best SEO resellers. SEO drives online sales for innumerable businesses, but that is not enough anymore.

Online marketing is constantly reinventing itself due to online trends, and SEO is no different.

Search engine strategists are now more heavily invested in developing into the world of social media than ever before. On Black Friday 2013, sales that were closed from Pinterest paid an average of 94$ per transaction. Pintersest is by no means the reigning king of social media, but that statistic shows the earning power of social media. Currently, social media is an under utilized platform. The average company only responds to 30% of its fans’ and followers’ comments. If the most valuable tool in the marketer’s tool box is communication, then businesses are dropping the ball here. But there is help. While many are still looking to fully realize the power of social media the best SEO and social media resellers are already waste deep in the business. Currently, 30% of all businesses outsource their social media marketing.