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Filing for a NJ divorce with collaborative law

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Collaborative divorce law

Sometimes even the most earnest intentions can fizzle. Nearly 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. As people begin to look at marriage and divorce differently, how divorces are enacted has also become a subject of discussion. The traditional divorce can become messy quickly, with lawyers claiming assets on behalf of spouses who want a simply comfortable end more than asset acquisition. Collaborative family law has arisen in states like New Jersey and New York out of respect for the spouses and families who are looking for a more civili solution to their legal relationship matters.

What is collaborative law?

While you may not have heard much about collaborative law, it is a big

The Services of a Probate Attorney Can Ensure Smooth Disposition of Assets

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Importance of estate planning

Very few people like to think about our deaths. It just seems like it really is not a very pleasant subject. The fact is that we do need to determine just what will happen to our estates and possessions upon our deaths. Making sure that our families are provided for is very important. You may also want to ensure that your estate and possessions go to the intended party. This is why working with a probate attorney is important to estate planning.

You will want to make sure that your estate will go through probate as quickly as possible. So what is probate? The word “probate” comes from the Latin verb meaning to try, test, examine, or prove. The probate process provides a system where a will can be contested or appealed. This will allow all concerns and issues with the will to be addressed.


Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC in Gastonia NC

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Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC

4340 Winder Trail

Gastonia, NC 28056


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Fagala Biohazard Specialists, LLC specializes in crime, trauma, disaster and bio-hazardous cleaning. We provide services to residential, commercial and industrial environments, which have been affected by the presence of biological infectious waste, blood or body fluids. We offer complete odor neutralization of any affected area.

Our services include cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing. Services are not limited to crime and trauma scenes, but also suicides, homicides, decomposition and/or natural and accidental deaths.