Month: January 2022

Take Back Your Life by Fixing Your Hearing, Teeth, and Skin

Some people are born with ailments such as physical abnormalities, and other times, injuries can cause us to receive permanent, long-lasting scars. Fortunately, there are many ways you can take back your life and enjoy the body you live in by fixing your hearing, teeth, and skin and focusing on your health. Physical…

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What Can You Do To Improve Workplace Diversity Now

A 2019 study by Adobe found that 38% of consumers were more likely to trust brands that showed a diverse cast of characters in their advertising. Another study in 2020 showed that businesses with a diverse workforce made more money. Yet, most businesses only give lip service to diversity. The Chemung County chamber…

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Can Dentists Provide A Deep Cleaning

This video shows Whitney, a dental hygienist, showing a video about teeth cleaning on a patient with heavy plague. This video focuses on an ultrasonic scaler to remove tarter and plaque. It can also remove stains from the teeth. It is a combination of high pressurized water and ultrasonic vibrations to clean the…

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