Search engines are the key to modern marketing. Nowadays, the first things people turn to when they need to look up a product or a service is the Internet, and how do they find what they look for on the Internet? The answer is the now approximately 16 billion dollar industry of search engines.

That means that the key to online marketing, which is getting your product in front of the consumer, is to make sure that search engines show people your company.

The trend towards dominantly marketing a product online is growing. It is estimated that by approximately 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in the United States retail sector will be influenced by online marketing a strong web presence.

This makes all the more sense when you consider how 64 percent of smartphone owners shop online using their mobile devices, and how nine out of ten adults who are online use social media extensively. When you consider how the advent of each, social media and smartphones, only came about five years ago, those numbers are really interesting, and evidence that the trend towards online marketing will grow.

The fact that online marketing is gaining more and more precedence was the good news. The bad news is that you cannot take shortcuts. Sure, you could pay Google to have your site sponsored, which is called a PPC strategy, but the truth is that 70 percent of links clicked by search engines users are actually organic, which is to say the non sponsored links.

If you want your search engines ranking to increase, then you need to work with an SEO company. These are online marketing companies whose specific goal is to boost your search engines ranking with Search engine optimization. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, and get an advantage over your competitors, then I highly suggest you contact an Internet Marketing company and put their SEO talents to use.

If you have any experience working with SEO professionals to increase your search engines ranking, feel free to comment on your experiences. If you also have questions, concerns or opinions, feel free to share those as well! More.