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The Dance Shoppe in Phoenix AZ

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The Dance Shoppe

3316 West Bell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85053


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Dance instruction and performing arts school for both children and adults. Specialized dance classes include Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Aerial, Tap and Musical Theater. Our 5,000 square foot dance studio features 4 Dance Rooms with state-of-the-art floating dance floors and large plate glass windows for observation of classes in-session.
Our expanded Aerial Dance program will help you develop skills in silks, trapeze, rope and sling.
Classes available every day of the week. We offer dance classes to children as young as 3 years old.

What Motor Oil Is Best For My Car?

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Api oil ratings

Whether you take your car to a mechanic to get an oil change or you do it yourself, you want to get the best possible motor oil for your car. This is trickier to do than you might think.

There are so many different motor oil types and motor oil manufacturers to choose from, and none of which are equal since different companies maintain different motor oil standards. The logical thing would be to believe that the best motor oil manufacturers make the best oil for your car, but there are so many other things you also have to consider. So if you can’t simply rely on the motor oil manufacturers’ brand, how then do you pick the right motor oil for your car?

1. Viscosity.

Viscosity refers to the oil’s fluid resistance to flo

Don’t Panic, A Replacement Remote Control Can Be Yours Within Days

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Sharp remote control

Whoever has the remote control in hand is probably the one who decides what your family watches. In a home with young children, this point is moot, but in general, if you are holding the remote, you have the only real access to the television, and the channels it offers. This is because modern televisions cannot typically be navigated with manual buttons. Sometimes you cannot even turn on your TV without the remote, much less activate your satellite dish or cable box to watch your favorite programs. That is why a lost or damaged remote control needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

This is a common, frustrating problem in many households, as TV remote controls can be easily lost since they are wireless. The good news is that you can replace the remote within days if you act fast. If you own a Sony t