Long distance movers

Moving, whether it happens to a particularly long distance or you are just moving somewhere new in the same town or city, can be a huge hassle. And trusting your precious belongings to long distance movers can not only be a source of worry as you travel to your new home, it can also cost you much more money in the long run. Here are a few tips to make your moving experience more relaxed and stress free.

1. If your new house is fairly close to your old one, try renting a storage unit, or better yet pods if you have the driveway space at your new home. Using a storage unit or pods before you are actually moving to slowly transfer some of the smaller items and boxes can save you a large amount of fuss. It removes the necessity of hiring movers for smaller items that can be easily carried. When it comes time to move big items like furniture and large appliances, there won’t be lots of boxes and smaller appliances getting in the way or being damaged. You can then move the boxes into your new home once all your furniture and other large items are already in place.

2. If you elect to rent pods rather than renting a storage unit, you have the added convenience of having your smaller items already at hand when you are ready to move them inside. This also saves you money on gas since all you have to do to move a few things inside is walk out to the driveway. Using pods can help alleviate the stress of moving by making it possible to move at your own pace and not at the pace of a rental company or the schedule of long distance movers.

3. If you happen to be moving out of town, state, or across the country, pods can also come in handy as they can move with you. Using pods instead of long distance movers can eliminate the worry about loss or serious damage to your property during your already stressful move.

4. Finally, if you feel like taking your time when unmoving the contents of your pods, you can. Unlike the trucks and services offered by long distance movers, pods can be used as long term storage. There is no need to send it back to the garage right away.

Hopefully these tips help you out next time you find yourself moving.