Acreage neighborhoods

If you are in the market of acres for sale, if you are considering buying land to build a house, think about a gated coommunity instead. Yes, it would be nice to have 4047 square metres of land (an international acre), but think of the work. Not as much work as farming the whole acre. In the Middle Ages, an acre was how much land you could plow with a pair (or yoke) of oxen. But if you follow through with the steps to buying land, then you have to have the house built. Instead of buying land to build a house, gated coommunities are an easier alternative.

The land that you buy may not be that good or valuable, but you can be assured that the land inside of a gated community is. Due to the higher standard in home quality, because they must all follow a strict building code that promotes uniformity, you can be assured that any of the property inside the community will be more valuable. The gate will be your best friend when you move in. Because of the gate, it is exceedingly rare that any solicitors make it inside. This means no unexpected doorbell ringing during supper. You will not have slips of paper slid under your door advertising things, and those Jehovah’s Witnesses will finally stop asking you if you have been saved.

The thing with a gated community is that it is not just houses all lined all in a straight row, along one street, with no aesthetic planning. In fact, before ground is ever broken on a gated community, years are spent planning out every little nuance. They take into consideration the number of homes, families and people that will be living in the community, and then use that data to calculate the ideal amount of trails, parks and any other open community recreational areas.

So do not immediately dismiss the idea of a gated community right off the bat for buying land to build a house. Think about the positive aspects of the gated community first. Think about the camaraderie of living in the community with all of our neighbors. Think about the parks and all of the trails for things like hiking, walking, skiing, running and biking. And most importantly, think about that lovely gate. It will provide a sense of community, a sense of safety, and keep the riffraff out. Find out more about this topic here. See this link for more references. Visit here for more.