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Sending Mail? Consider a Postcard!

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Postcards direct mail

Real estate direct mail postcards may not seem like a big deal, however according to a recent survey, direct mail marketing delivered the strongest ROI for customer acquisition for B2C marketers. Postcard direct mail can be quite a time saver if you consider it.

The earliest known picture postcard was sent in 1940 by the writer Theodore Hook to himself. It featured a hand drawn caricature of postal workers. It could go to show that direct mailing postcards can be a fun and expressive approach to mail.

In 1871 the first known souvenir postcard was sent from Vienna. Wonder if it had Wish You Were Here written on it? It cer

Need More Floor Space? Contemporary Murphy Beds May Be the Solution

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Diy closet systems

If you live in an efficiency apartment, you are likely very familiar with Murphy beds. Your place probably has one of many contemporary Murphy beds, as well as a bathroom and a kitchenette. If you are lucky, you also have a balcony or patio that you can use as an extension of your apartment.

What you likely do not have a lot of is storage. Homes these days are not built for storage like they were back in Colonial times when there were closets built around the fireplace and people used them to store whatever they could fit.

To help bring organization to the homes of today, people often install custom closet systems. It may seem unimportant since no one really sees the inside of your closet, but Feng Shui, th