Day: July 12, 2013

Have a Relaxing Trip with a Charter Bus

Hiring bus charter services may not be something that you think about when planning a trip, but it should be. Charter buses are buses that are hired to transport people to a specific destination. If you are planning a trip of any kind, find a charter bus company that can help to provide…

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Kathryn S. Steinman, LLC in Bethesda MD

Kathryn S. Steinman, LLC 7910 Woodmont Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814 (301) 787-4459 CLIENT VERIFICATION: NAME: Dr. Kathryn Steinman PHONE: (301) 787-4459 EMAIL: ALT. BUSINESS NAME: Dr Kathryn Steinman Licensed Psychologist CONTACT NAME: Kathryn Steinman FAX: (301) 229-2845 BUSINESS EMAIL: ESTABLISHED: 2005 SHORT DESCRIPTION: Determining whether to engage in psychotherapy is…

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Do You Think Your Employees Are Spending Too Much Time on Facebook On Their Work Phones? You Can Do Something About It!

The trend among businesses today is to allow employees to bring their own devices, or more specifically their own mobile phones, to work for use in their daily jobs. Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is a technology model which makes perfect sense when you consider that most workers in the United States,…

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