Suede patches

Since the Industrial Revolution, machine embroidery has been an important component of the garment and textile business. With modern advances in technology and techniques, virtually any design can be embroidered onto clothing or created as a standalone patch. In fact, patches, badges, and emblems still comprise a significant portion of the embroidery business, providing for military personnel, space agencies, emergency services workers, sports teams, and generations of young girl and boy scouts.

But many embroidering facilities also offer a variety of other textile services. Clothing hang tags are often produced by these factories, as well as zipper pulls, leather patches, and woven labels. Custom runs of items are available, but most manufacturers work in large quantities, such as those requested by clothing producers or department stores. Clothing hang tags are an especially popular order for these two clients, as their tag is often a key branding component, and an essential part of their corporate image.

Patches, tags, and labels can serve many purposes. Custom patches can identify rank, duties, missions, or achievements. Name patches and labels are common sights on work uniforms. And of course, patches of any style, color, or design, tastefully applied, can enhance any outfit or accessory. Clothing hang tags are generally used at the point of sale, whether direct from the manufacturer or in a retail setting, and can come in a variety of different materials, including cardboard, linen, and leather. Woven labels are durable, washable, and ultimately helpful, providing information about the manufacturer, directions for care, or sizes.

Do the research, read the reviews, and decide who to trust with your label order. And always remember to ask your provider if they have suggestions for ways to further enhance your product. Many facilities can easily produce custom clothing hang tags, custom embroidered patches, custom printed labels, and custom woven labels for clothes, bags, uniforms, and everything in between, coordinated for and with your existing order.