Search marketing

An overwhelming majority–93%–of web activities start with a search engine. For businesses looking to increase the number of sales, it is critical that they invest in online marketing that will be effective in helping them reach out to prospective customers. With that in mind, these companies will be looking to add to their revenue portions of the more than 50% of American retail sales that are impacted by savvy Internet marketing.

If you run a business that includes these kinds of companies as your potential clients, it may behoove you to resell web design and offer private label SEO. In this paradigm, you outsource the product itself to a third party that constructs the original web design and SEO content. You then purchase the program and sell it to your customers under your own brand at a profit.

But why is it sound business to sell these products to your clients? Essentially, it comes down to the fact that more and more people find the products and services that they wish to purchase on the Internet. In 2012, over 88% of web users who were 14 and older looked up products online. Nearly 80% of people on search engines pay special attention to organic search results that appear without the help of paid advertisements. About the same amount of people actively avoid those ads. Furthermore, among those who use smartphones, 64% of them purchase items using their devices.

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