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Three Reasons to Follow Fox Business Live

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It is no secret that the recent switch over to a 24-hour news cycle has left many news outlets standardized and even boring. Many stations are more concerned with television politics than they are with giving you an informative, engaging source of information from around the world. Fox business live is a different news source. If you are wondering why you should switch to Fox Business News, you can find the three best reasons below.

  • International Coverage
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    Fox’s international news coverage is why it is often considered one of the best internet news sources. The company covers stories from Israel, China, the UK, and many others. The one thing you can rely on when watching Fox Business Live is rep

Three Secrets to Social Media Success

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St louis seo

More than one billion online searches occur each month, and that number is growing by 50 percent year over year. In fact, of those billion searches, an astounding 80 percent of online users search for local businesses over the internet in lieu of traditional offline mediums, such as phone books or newspapers.

Specifically, 70 percent of internet users in North America are connected to at least one local business online. So what does that mean for you? It means you need to join the 63 percent of business owners who claim that social media has improved their marketing and business efforts. Here are three social media strategies to help you get there straight from the genius of a local SEO expert and organic SEO expert.

  1. Get Mobile

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The Benefits of Urgent Care Centers

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Urgent care 24 hours

With the advancement of health care, there are more options when you get hurt or sick than there were decades ago. For instance, you can visit an urgent care facility instead of having to go see your primary care doctor or go to the emergency room.

Urgent care centers are there for when people have a condition that does not require an emergency room visit, but does require rapid medical attention. Furthermore, urgent care centers are supposed to ease the burden on emergency rooms by treating conditions that would not merit an emergency room trip.

You can go to an urgent care facility, for example, if you have a sprain or strain, fracture, upper respiratory illness, gastrointestinal illness, lacerations or a concussion. It really helps out the emergency rooms and doctors, who have become saturated with c