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If you own a cellular phone, you know how important it is that your information not fall into the wrong hands. In a world where over 230 million people in America alone use mobile devices, they are arguably one of the most important things in our day to day lives.

A pretty hefty amount of those people in America with cell phones have those phones for work. There are a growing number of businesses that depend heavily on mobile technology, but require or ask employees to engage in BYOD, or bring your own device.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems for companies who employ a BYOD model is the security of those mobile devices. Although there are quite a few different types of mobile phones you can buy, iphones are very popular, especially among businesses.

For businesses with a BYOD business model that employ iphones, apple has a free tool that allows people to configure up to 30 devices at once, called Configurator. It comes as no surprise that mobile device management is extremely important to the way a business runs. You want all devices to be capable of the same things across the board in a company.

In a company which requires its employees to bring their own device, ensuring compliance with company security requirements is very important. Fortunately, there are encryption and authentication protocols that can be used with BYOD policies.

Iphone security is an integral part of iphone management. To make your phone more secure, you can use the AES system, also known as the advanced encryption standard algorithm. AES is a data scrambling system, widely known as unbreakable, that was even adopted as a United States government standard in 1998.

At the end of the day, in a business it is crucial that any information that might be stored on your mobile device not fall into the wrong hands. Especially if you use apple products, iphone management is crucial to maintaining integrity of the company and keeping things in order.