Dining room furniture

After moving in to our first home, my wife and I needed to find dining room furniture. Sure, the house had com furnished, but the dining room furniture had been covered in blackish, sticky gunk. Not to mention they were all tasteless. So, we decided, that we would start our remodeling and redecorating with the dining room.

So we went to a furniture store without any preconceptions of what we were looking for. The salesmen showed us the diverse range of furniture. My wife valued environmentally friendly products, so he showed us the leather furniture, which I was not sure would work that well in the dining room, but they did have nice bedroom furniture sets there.

Plus, I was also confused why he took us there to show us “green” products. Turns out that leather is just a by product of the beef consumption industry, which means that leather furniture is created from resources that would other go to waste! (Who would have thought?) The real beauty of leather furniture, he explained, was that each piece can reflect your own personality and style and it all adds sophistication and elegance to any interior.

While leather would work fine for living room furniture, it just did not match our dining room furniture needs. When I explained this to him, he took us over some fine wooden tables. He showed us some old fashioned styles that followed the Middle Age style, back when only noblemen and those of the highest rank had chairs in their manors, while everyone else sat on benches or stools. Apparently, the salesmen continued on, the word table is derived from the Latin word tabula, which means a board, a plank, or a flat piece.

We wound up getting that set of dining room furniture, and when we made it to the living room and then to the bedroom, we got the leather furniture he showed us. Overall, I would say it was a win for us. What do you guys think? Did this little bit about leather furniture convince that you it was a good idea or do you agree on the choice of wood for our dining room furniture? Why or why not? Share your opinion about dining room furniture in the comments!