Headhunter sales

If you are a recruiting firm and you are having trouble hiring high quality candidates to fill sales jobs. Here are a few thing to look for in a candidate and a few to avoid.

Hiring sales people can be stressful and difficult. In the United States each year, about 40 percent of all sales professionals will miss quota. Over 20 percent of are completely untrainable to handle a job in sales. And only about 10percent will actually provide their employers with a return on investment. These numbers are very disheartening for recruitment firms, but there are some qualities to look for in candidates that can make finding the right people easier.

The key qualities to look for when hiring sales reps are charisma, adaptability, confidence, and enthusiasm. These are the types of personality aspects that can not be taught and are largely why so many of those seeking a sales career path are doomed to fail and more than likely cost their company money.

another thing that can create a bad sales employee is a lack of technical skills. If the company they are going to work for uses any type of contact management software, then the sales associates that you find need to have possess necessary technical skills to be able to flourish in that environment.

Confidence and and the ability to be a good sales rep are two sides of the same coin. Building confidence in a sales team is anything but easy. However, having a good understanding of the product that is to be sold, the main competitors, and the most effective sales practices can help build the confidence that can take an average sales team and turn it into a great one.

Though most recruiting firms begin their search for a candidate by looking at their relevant skills, aptitude, educational and job related experience, these are not always the best indicators of a good sales person in the making. Looking for the qualities that actually make for the best sales people and giving those precedence can be the key to finding the best sales reps. More like this.