Fox business radio

Radio is far from dead. Commuters are still using their morning drive time to laugh, be inspired, or to get a head start on the business day. And with luck, they can find a radio show that does all three.

Business radio talk shows have specialized programming, no doubt. But having a business oriented target market does not mean your radio show has to be dry and boring. No one wants that, especially in the morning. Business news radio has worked hard to become a vibrant, entertaining, and informative medium for financial advice, marketing news, and stock market reports and analysis.

But more and more radio shows are streaming their content online, so the most popular morning business radio talk shows are limited to neither the morning or the radio. Listeners can hop online any time of the day to catch live shows, read up to the minute discussions, or even browse the video archives, making it possible to finally share stories with friends and coworkers that you heard on your commute, rather than having to remember it all yourself and tell them later around the water cooler.

Online radio shows also provide users with the means to stay up to date on all their favorite shows and stories without needing to constantly check the website. RSS feeds and social media follow links let users subscribe to programs or keep track of stories that peak their interest. Say you want to follow the current ObamaCare debacle on Fox business radio Online, but you obviously have other things to do during your busy day. By clicking on the Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus buttons at the top of the article, you can have notifications of updates or similar content sent directly to your RSS feed reader or your email inbox.

So keep listening to your favorite business radio talk shows wherever you are. And try not to listen to the prophecies of doom about radio and talk shows. As long as there is business to talk about, rest assured they will be talking about business.