Managers or owners of companies that make bottles are often interested in better ways to place caps on their bottles. In their YouTube video, “Automatic Screw Cap Machine,” Trumark Packaging Solutions shows us their automatic bottle capper. The video clearly shows the easy process used by the capping machine.

Video Source

The Trumark company has provided a large variety of products for the food industry since 1987.

The Movement of the Caps

In the video, bottle caps are placed into a rotating apparatus that turns them until they are in a single file. Once the caps move on a conveyor in a single file, they are rerouted into a chute. The chute directs them to be placed onto a wheel. One by one, they are then directed onto a space with an opening.

The Movement of the Bottles

Underneath the opening is a bottle without a cap. Due to the precise timing and exact location determination, the caps are situated precisely over the bottles. An arm with an inner sleeve descends onto the cap and securely screws it onto the bottle. The capped bottles then move outwardly to a staff member who places the bottles on a shelf, awaiting packaging.