Day: January 4, 2024

Diving Science Revisted How Freedivers Can Achieve Depths

This diving science revisited video about freediving is incredible. It takes you on a deep dive into the science behind what lets humans hold their breath for so long and go deep underwater. The coolest part for me was learning about the mammalian diving reflex. Human bodies have a built-in superpower that kicks…

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The Top All Terrain Cranes

The world of construction and industry relies on the sheer power and versatility of all terrain cranes. These engineering marvels are designed to conquer various landscapes, and the top contenders for 2023 showcase the pinnacle of crane technology. Securing the fifth spot is the Liebherr LTM 1450-8. Video Source 1, boasting a maximum…

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The World of Soda An Intro to Bottled Beverage Production

Managers or owners of companies that make bottles are often interested in better ways to place caps on their bottles. In their YouTube video, “Automatic Screw Cap Machine,” Trumark Packaging Solutions shows us their automatic bottle capper. The video clearly shows the easy process used by the capping machine. Video Source The Trumark…

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