Portable document scanner

How much time, money, and paper do we waste every day by using traditional printing and scanning methods? Well, the Wall Street Journal recently found that the average business worker in the United States loses 1.5 hours each day. That equates to 40 hours per year in lost productivity due to searching for misplaced items from messy desks and files.

The average filing cabinet with four drawers can contain 10,000 to 12,000 pieces of paper. That means 10,000 to 12,000 potentially lost important documents. With wireless scanning tools, this problem can be one of the past. A digital filing system makes everything so much easier to organize, and impossible to lose, so long as you back everything up.

Scan to cloud tools take your paper documents and send them straight to the clouds. It is estimated that 15 to 30 percent of time that workers spend on the clock is spent searching for paper information. It just makes no sense to have this issue when the scan to cloud technology exists to make it obsolete.

Why not scan to cloud
? Cloud scanning eliminates so many problems and distractions that the office has always faced. Business agility can be obtained with wireless scanning tools. That means that business can move faster, become more efficient, and less wasteful. Estimates peg the number of business documents that are printed, copied, and faxed annually in the United States at 1.019 trillion. Almost all of these papers could be sent with scan to cloud capabilities. For more information see this.