Scan to cloud

Digital technology taken taken the world by storm. Travelers can now provide e-vouchers for plane, train and bus travel, eliminating the need for paper tickets. Somewhere around 55 percent of consumers now check their mobile email at least once a day, and one in three consumers say they are accessing mobile email now more than ever before.

Still, not every company has wised up to the trend. A study released by AIIM, a content management association, showed that the majority of businesses still value the keeping of paper documents for legal reasons. All signs point away from this, especially considering all the advances in cloud printing the modern age has brought. In fact, electronic files that are stored in the cloud are much safer than paper files since they cannot be physically damaged due to flood, fire or theft.

Think of a cloud company as a storage warehouse with individual lockers where you can store your data. A third-party host rents out space (in this case, a digital filing system), and you buy it under the pretense of storing your important company data. By storing it digitally, you significantly reduce the risk that unforeseen circumstances will cause you to lose that data. It really is just that simple.

This is why a recent survey by SandHill found that nearly half of companies that responded viewed the agility of their business as a main reason to adopt cloud applications. One of the top cloud applications you can opt for is cloud printing, where you can access your digitally stored info via a series of wireless and connected printers. This allows you, additionally, to scan to cloud your new important data you wish to store securely.

Digital filing does not mean that you get rid of all other copies of your info. Rather, it ensures that these hard-copy receipts, business cards and other important documents are adequately backed up. Cloud scanning allows you to turn a newly acquired business card into either an electric snapshot or simple data in a snap.

We live in a culture of portability, and nothing is more portable than a cloud printing system, especially one that uses the latest wireless scanning tools for data conversion. Do not get left behind: Jump on this trend before you lose your paper files. After all, cloud printing just might be the wave of the future. Find more.