Day: October 3, 2013

Find Luxury Beachfront Homes for Sale in Miami

Are you looking for luxury beachfront homes for sale? Do you long to sit on your patio and look out over the beaches and palm trees? Do you want to walk just a few steps to your watercraft and take off into the ocean? You may want to consider finding luxury beachfront homes…

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Tom’s Auto Clinic in Elgin IL

Tom’s Auto Clinic 264 Prairie St Elgin, IL 60123 847-741-3257 Tom’s Auto Clinic was founded in 1969 by Tom and Jan Brockner. From oil changes to engine problems, if it is on a car we have worked on it! We give each customer excellent service and respect.

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How to Be Safe During X-rays

X-rays, a type of electromagnetic radiation used for imaging, got the x in its name, as the type of radiation was previously unknown. Nowadays, x-rays are used for a variety of different purposes, usually in medicine and dentistry, and as such, things like leaded glasses, lead aprons and other xray accessories come in…

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