Technology Helps Millions Save Time and Money

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How much time, money, and paper do we waste every day by using traditional printing and scanning methods? Well, the Wall Street Journal recently found that the average business worker in the United States loses 1.5 hours each day. That equates to 40 hours per year in lost productivity due to searching for misplaced items from messy desks and files.

The average filing cabinet with four drawers can contain 10,000 to 12,000 pieces of paper. That means 10,000 to 12,000 potentially lost important documents. With wireless scanning tools, this problem can be one of the past. A digital filing system makes everything so much easier to organize, and impossible to lose, so long as you back everything up.

Scan to cloud tools take your paper documents and send them straight to the clouds. It is estimated that 1

Business Card Readers Save Time And Money

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Using a digital filing system can minimize the amount of space taken up in a company or business owners office. The old annoying ways of file cabinets can be eliminated when using laptop scanners.

When using a business card reader there are two types of business card scanners. One business card scanner can take an electronic snapshot of the card and there is one that can capture and arrange the information contained on the card.

When you acquire business cards they first go in your wallet or purse then possibly make it back to a Roladex or something of that sort. By using a business card reader you can eliminate that unwanted item as well and start saving even more space.

Because cloud computer has become much more popular lately, more and more people are ascribing to online storage. People benefit from online storage because they do not have to lug around important documents with them or worry about their documents getting misplaced or stolen when en route. Using a business card reader is one of the many ways to prevent things like loss or theft.

By using portable scanners companies and business owners have the opportunity to again, shrink the size of their hard copy paper storage. Going completely electronic is still a new idea and it will be longer before that happens because people hold on to the thought that because something is tangible it has less of a chance of being lost.

Business cards a pretty small and using a business card reader can assist you in keeping track of important information that can not be lost. Every year massive amounts of money is wasted on time spent looking for important documents that have been lost. If they had a business card reader none of that would have happened!

By using a business card reader people will be able to save significant amounts of time.