Local seo reseller

As is the case with real estate, the keys for search engine optimization success depend solely on location, location, location. Meaning, where your business ranks on search engine results pages. If you are the owner of a small business and do not have access to your own team of web developers, read this before deciding on which SEO reseller is right for you.

The three most important aspects of SEO (and remember, these things can change … a lot) are as follows:

1. Know thy keywords.

In the world of SEO, keywords are, well, key. What do users search for? And where do these keywords appear on your site? For someone that resell local seo services, they have the analytics to know the most searched terms, and how to effectively incorporate them into your site. Remember, keywords that are incorporated incorrectly can hurt you more than help you.

2. Know thy algorithms.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and in flux. That is why outsourcing your SEO needs to a local Seo reseller is imperative because they make it their job to know what works, and what does not work. For example, incorporating keywords, albeit important, is not the only trick in the box. As such, search engines pick up on fresh and relevant content that people want to read and share.

3. Know thy marketing strategies.

What is linking to your site? Is your site taking advantage of social networking strategies? Is your content interesting, and will readers share what they view? How do you employ these tactics? Relevance and referrals are one of the best ways to improve your SERP rankings. Sites like Buzzfeed, for example, have created content that readers share. Subsequently, the popularity of sites like this are skyrocketing.

In terms of local map seo strategies, this is also important as more and more users migrate to mobile technology and use their devices to find things locally. Again, a reseller can help you gain access to the more than three billion Google map searches each month by helping you optimize your local relevance.

In conclusion, leads from a web search can garner a higher than 14 percent close rate as opposed to outbound leads, which can reap a less than 2 percent close rate. The result is a potential 2,000 percent increase in traffic to your site, and potentially an increase in revenue by a whopping 40 percent!