Diy closet systems

If you live in an efficiency apartment, you are likely very familiar with Murphy beds. Your place probably has one of many contemporary Murphy beds, as well as a bathroom and a kitchenette. If you are lucky, you also have a balcony or patio that you can use as an extension of your apartment.

What you likely do not have a lot of is storage. Homes these days are not built for storage like they were back in Colonial times when there were closets built around the fireplace and people used them to store whatever they could fit.

To help bring organization to the homes of today, people often install custom closet systems. It may seem unimportant since no one really sees the inside of your closet, but Feng Shui, the art of balancing energies in a room to assure good fortune and health, actually encourages you to organize your closets too. Messy closets are low energy.

Another way to save space is to install contemporary Murphy beds in all of the bedrooms of your house, which come in pivot designs and counterbalanced designs. This saves an immense amount of floor space.

In fact, a Murphy bed was the simple solution to more floor space since 1900 when they were first invented.

Whatever your needs, a little bit of organization and creativity will go a long way toward having a living space that is neat, functional and organized. Great references here: