Do You Think Your Employees Are Spending Too Much Time on Facebook On Their Work Phones? You Can Do Something About It!

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Android in the enterprise

The trend among businesses today is to allow employees to bring their own devices, or more specifically their own mobile phones, to work for use in their daily jobs. Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is a technology model which makes perfect sense when you consider that most workers in the United States, about 81 percent, are using their own personal devices at the office. Take a look around the next time that you are strolling among the cubicles. How many people do you see staring down at the phone in their laps? Hopefully most of those people are texting offsite employees, or checking in with team members in meetings elsewhere.

So when the time has come for you to start playing a stronger role in the implementation of BYOD at your office, there are a few things to consider. What mobile device wil