Watch this video to understand Catholic school education’s benefits, some of its challenges, and how Catholics can promote these schools in getting learners closer to God. Mary Park talks about catholic school benefits in an interview. Research shows that up to 99% of students who attend catholic schools graduate from high school, and up to 86% enroll in college.

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She points out that catholic education shapes children holistically, incorporating their faith, moral development, intellectual growth, and social development to help them become the individuals God intended them to be.

She mentions the lack of enough financial revenues as one of the biggest challenges experienced by catholic schools. As one of the administrators, she understands the struggle of helping schools find various funding sources that assist them in carrying on their mission. Finances also hinder the efficient provision of resources and training for diverse students according to their needs.
To promote catholic classical education by drawing more children into the church, she urges Catholics to give their children an intellectual foundation from an early age by encouraging them to question and equipping them with the truth.