In this video, you will learn what a pipe fabricator does and how they do it. Fabricators work with metal and offer custom stainless steel fabrication services and a range of other metal fabrication services. In this video, the focus is on how pipes are fabricated.

Pipe fabrication starts with forging metal into pipes and pipe components like pipe elbows. The end result of the process is a pipe that can carry liquid, gas, and other substances.

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Fabrication ensures that pipes are made to a very specific design and fit in the spaces that they are needed to fit. The process requires special tools and a well-developed skill set. Thermal cutting equipment is used; welding equipment, saws, pipe jacks, and more. The technician has to be an expert in using a range of tools; fabricators follow strict quality control standards and regulations.

Pipe fabricators can get the job done in a workshop or out in the field. The size and the scope of the project determine where the job will be done. Learn more about what pipe fabricators do, the materials and tools that they use, and how they do it by watching this video.