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Honda is a well known brand name in the United States. The Japanese company is the largest manufacturing company in the world. While the company manufactures many things, including motorcycles and internal combustion engines, it is perhaps best known in the United States as an automobile manufacturer. Today, Honda is the 2nd largest Japanese automobile manufacturer and the 8th largest in the world and continuing to grow.

Honda has been famous for introducing a number of innovations into the automobile market. For example, Honda was the first Japanese manufacture to produce a line of luxury cars when it launched its Acura brand in 1986. Honda was also the first company to introduce V-Tech engine technology. This technology dramatically improves the efficiency of engines.

In fact, Honda has a history of producing very efficient vehicles. One of the company’s most famous and popular cars is the Honda Civic. The Civic was launched in 1973 and became popular with American consumers suffering through an oil crisis at the time because it offered an astonishing 40 mpg. Today, Honda has continued this trend and offers a line of hybrid vehicles which are even more efficient.

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