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How to Make Delicious Arroz con Pollo

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Recetas de comida

Hispanic food is a cuisine that is so historically varied, so regionally specialized that dishes with the same name can mean wildly different things. That’s no surprise, really; not when you realize that Hispanic cultures, as Pew Hispanic writes, have roots in 20 different Latin American countries and, of course, Spain.

As you might imagine, the food these cultures hold dear have many similarities. Ceviche, for instance, is the term used for raw seafood cured in a citrus juice. However, the ceviche recipe you might encounter when in Mexico, for example, is likely to be markedly different from what you’ll find in Colombia. While bo

Three SEO Tips to Help Prepare Your Site For Cyber Monday

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Best seo

In a time when businesses duke it out in cyberspace for the top search result rank, any SEO tips can go a long way. After all, those top ranked results get a whopping 33% search traffic, as reported in June 2013 by Search Engine Watch. This increased traffic results in more business leads, which means more sales, so it’s only natural that any business marketing their wares and services online would want the top spot on Google.

So, to help you beat out competitors, here’s a short, handy list the best SEO tips to start harnessing more traffic before Cyber Monday comes!

1. Use Content Marketing.

According to the SEO tips from Search Engine Journal, fresh content produced at a rate of about three times a week can improve your search engine rankings. In the eyes of Continue Reading No Comments