Cost to ship a car

Are you one of 40 million Americans, according to Melissa Data, that will move within the United States this year? The fact is that moving, whether cross country or down the street, can be a costly, stressful process. If you are moving cross country or you have just bought a car online, one of 15 million sold on the internet annually, you have to consider how you are going to get your vehicle from point A to point B. Here are three reasons to use specialized transportation services.

Save Money

Did you know that if you chose to drive cross country from New York to San Francisco, for example, it would cost you approximately $2,200 in gas alone? That is not even factoring in the cost for food, lodging, and possible emergency maintenance on your vehicle. On the other hand, according to the uShip price estimator, having your car or truck shipped the same distance would cost you only $550. Who does not want to save over $1,500 on moving costs? This is one of the main reasons the U.S. military uses specialized vehicle transport so frequently to move its military grade vehicles.

Save Time

Did you know, according to Google Maps, it would take you 42 hours to drive from New York City to San Francisco if all the road conditions are perfect? Who wants to be stuck in their car for nearly two days? If you choose to ship a car with specialized transportation services, you can make sure your car arrives where and when it needs to while you enjoy the comfort and convenience of air travel.

Protect Yourself

Did you know that vehicle shipping companies are required to have comprehensive insurance to protect their property and yours? According to the Federal Trade Commission, the average American spends $30,000 on their vehicle. If something happens to it, that is a huge amount of money you would have to worry about losing. However, when you ship with specialized transportation services, your investment is protected.

Even though car shipping prices vary depending on weight and distance, the fact of the matter is that by using car transport companies you stand to save a lot of money. Coupled with the savings in time and the protection offered to your vehicle, why would you not go with one of these services? Save yourself a lot of trouble on your big move with specialized transportation services.
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