There’s nothing easy about moving. From the time the pods arrive to the moment the movers drop off your things and leave you alone in your new home, there’s a lot of stress, mess, and duress. Long distance movers have it especially rough. For them, t’s not just about the stress of the packing and unpacking, but the uncertainty of relocating to a new place.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to try to help you out with all the stuff that comes between choosing a new place and settling into it. There a lot of little life hacks that can make pods moving so much simpler.

  1. Go Label Crazy

    A better moving experience starts long before the moving pods get packed. Most people know to label boxes according to what’s in them, but don’t think to write down which room they go in. It might seem obvious to you, but the people helping you move might not feel the same. If you’re feeling especially organized, color code your boxes to match a floor plan of your new place.

  2. Start Fresh

    If you can, get to your new place before people start moving boxes and clean up the bathroom and kitchen. Put up a new shower curtain liner, stock some new bath towels and toilet paper, and put a few essentials in the kitchen. After a long day of moving, you’ll be able to reward yourself with a hot shower and a tasty snack.

  3. Wrap Your Drawers

    It’s silly to pack everything that you keep in drawers into boxes when they’re basically their own moving boxes. Just take the drawers out of your dresser and cover them with press and seal wrap. You won’t have to unpack and refold their contents, and it will make the dresser lighter. It’s a win all the way around.

  4. Gather Your Containers

    Chances are that you have a bunch of moving boxes already hidden in your house. Gather all your baskets, boxes, and suitcases before you start packing and then assess your needs after they’re all filled. Save the wheeled suitcases for your books. They’re way too heavy to haul around.

  5. Leave the Grocery Store Alone

    For the last two weeks at your old place, enlist the help of the internet to find pantry cleaning recipes and don’t go to the grocery store for anything new. The more food you can use up before moving, the less you’ll have to toss when the pods arrive.