My big cross country move put a lot of strain on my poor pooches. They were worn out, emotionally drained, and my smallest dog even got sick. Being in a new town, with no new friends or any family here, I had no idea where to take him. So, like any young person with a smartphone or a computer, I looked on the Internet for a veterinary directory.

I searched for this directory of vets because there simply was no way I would take my little Buddy to just any old vet. I knew he was sick, and needed some immediate attention, but I wanted him to get quality care. The veterinarian directory gave me a ton of helpful reviews. These little blurbs in the vet directory told me about what doctors had good customer service and which ones had long waits.

Thanks to that veterinarians directory, I found the answers I needed. The veterinary directory told me who was the most reasonably price vet with the best quality service.

I myself posted a review on the veterinary directory about the vet myself after, describing how clean and state of the art the facility was, and how they had thought the design through, putting cats and dogs in separate rooms. They even had x ray machines and other lab services as well, which was great because my little Buddy needed to have some blood work done.

I am so grateful for a service like the veterinary directory. Has anyone else ever had a similar experience? How do you find a new vet if you need to? Do you use an online veterinary directory or do you prefer another means? Why or why not? Please comment and let us know what you think!