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Did you know that nearly forty percent of all American marriages end in divorce? It’s an unfortunately high statistic. With such a large number of Americans being married and subsequently getting a divorce, there is a very real need for family divorce lawyers. These lawyers can aid their clients in a collaborative law divorce.

Collaborative law is a process within the legal system that aims to achieve an amicable solution for both parties involved in the divorce without ever having to go to court. These mediation techniques are most frequently used in divorce and custody cases. There are more than twenty thousand individuals across the planet who are trained in exactly this type of collaborative divorce law. Through making use of a good divorce lawyer, more than ninety five percent of divorces throughout the United States are uncontested. This means that both parties are able to reach healthy compromises about matters concerning shared property, their children, and financial concerns such as child support.

Collaborative law is such an important part of the American legal and social fabric that the American Bar Association, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers each keep a committee of Collaborative Law. These important bodies help to ensure ethical and ever evolving standards of family court practices in issues of child custody and divorce.

There are many reasons why a divorce can happen. For example, many wives feel that they are made to do far more work than their husbands when it comes to the home. In seventy percent of couples, women do far more housework than their husbands, regardless of any outside professional work. Whether a client seeks divorce for this reason or any of the various other circumstances which lead to this state of affairs, being sure to seek a collaborative law divorce can help mitigate the stress, sadness, and fears that may go along with it. More research here. Get more on this here. Research more here.