Seo company orange county

Nearly every company doing business today has a website. It is necessary for customers to be able to find these websites. Many companies draw online traffic to their websites with web SEO. For some of us, this raises one question. What is SEO?

Web SEO or search engine optimization is a process used to make a website more visible. When an internet search is done, there can be thousands or sometimes even millions of results. The use of Seo web design allows sites to rank closer to the top of the list of search results. According to one study, there are 4.9 billion internet searches done every month. That means there are 1,890 per second. So, it pays to be seen near the top of the list.

Most people on the internet (93 percent) prefer to interact with the makers of their favorite products through email rather than social media. Internet searches and emailing are the top two activities on the internet. Online marketing activities are generally focused with this in mind. Around 41 percent of business to consumer marketers report that SEO marketing has the biggest impact on their goals for generating leads.
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