How do you know when you need marriage counseling

It must really be scary for the upcoming generations when it comes to getting married, it must be hard with seeing so much constant broken love all around them. Studies have shows that 41% of first marriages end in divorce. 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and if you are willing to chance a third marriage, then there is a 73% chance that it will also end in a divorce. This is why there is no shame in asking premarital counseling questions, because it is a way to maybe prevent something stupid that could one day break your marriage and love apart.

The good thing about the up and coming generation when it comes to marriage is the fact that most of them do everything extremely late in life. This is a positive for them, because people who wait until they are over the age of 25 are about 24% less likely of ever getting divorced, so there still is hope for true forever love out there somewhere.

According to United States statistics , if one partner smokes, a marriage is 75% more likely to end in divorce. So, if you are a smoker and are on getting married to someone who does not, you should quit, it appears that studies say you should quit if you want as fair chance at having your marriage last. Being a father going through a divorce must be rough too when thinking about statistics, because 75% of the time, the children of divorced parents live with their mother! Hmm, interesting, is dad not good enough or something? Why is this the standard way?

But on a more positive note, children that are lucky enough to still have parents that are happily married actually have a 14% lower chance of getting divorced when they grow up. This is why counseling is so important to couples, because you can solve a problem before it gets too intense, before it ruins your marriage. This does not mean you need to have some relationship coach throughout the duration of your whole entire lives together, but before things go too far, the help from a therapist of some sort may help. so do not wait to accumulate problems in marriage, ask premarital counseling questions before hand so you know what to expect, which will allow you to deal with everything better and easier. Find out more about this topic here.