Color power codes make work easier and identify components and connections in a diverse setup by creating order and a sense of neatness in a network. You can quickly identify different equipment in a server with color coding. The most common colors for chords are green, red, blue, black, and white. You can differentiate servers with colored chords if you are operating a large server. You can also identify different components in the same rack with color coding.

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Your firewalls can be one color, for instance, blue, exchange servers red, and so on.

You have limitless options and better organization. It helps when doing repairs or calling in a technician for maintenance work. Furthermore, you cannot accidentally disconnect the unintended equipment when you want to disconnect a component within the server. You can use blue codes on all your C14 plug adapters to differentiate them from C19 ones when connecting your server to a PDU. A C14 plug is the most common power connector in desktop computers, monitors, and electronic equipment.