You most likely use aluminum products on a daily basis, whether you are at your home, at work, or elsewhere. You may not realize that some items you use are actually aluminum product. If you are curious as to how aluminum is created and how these products are made, an expert in this video will give you a run down of everything you should know about how aluminum is made.

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One tonne of aluminum comes from the smelting of two tonnes of alumina that was refined from four tonnes of bauxite. Aluminum is one of the most used metals today and it can be found in many homes, businesses, and any place around the world. It is a very useful metal. When products are created, the many different pieces of metal are melted down, so they can be in their liquid state. This liquid state can then be poured and shaped into whatever product you need for your business or whatever product any other business needs for their consumers or for their equipment.

Watch this entire video to learn all about how aluminum is made and see the step by step process of its production.