Pain can be difficult to deal with, but using prescribed drugs should always be a last resort. They can be addictive, but if your pain is severe, they may be necessary. Keep reading along to learn about the patients who might use methadone for pain management.

The most common patient that will use this drug is someone who is recovering from illegal drug use. It will help curb their cravings and eliminate some of the pain that comes with withdrawals.

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As with any medication, it should only be taken at the amount prescribed by a doctor. It is a long-acting opioid, which allows for fewer doses. This is a great low-cost option for patients, as well, which is important if the pain will be chronic or constant. It can be used for patients suffering from cancer pain, neurological pain, or any other chronic pain issue.

Want to learn more about methadone and its use cases? Watch the video in this article! The doctor gives some great insight into the benefits of using methadone for chronic pain. Call your doctor today if you are seeking new pain relief solutions. They can let you know if methadone is right for you.