Manufacturers have to know about a lot of different types of materials, depending on the products they manufacture. One of these is PTFE composite material, but what is that used for? Keep reading to learn more about its uses and the production process.

This composite material is used for friction units in vehicles, primarily. This is because it has specific anti-friction properties that will limit the risk of sparks and fire.

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It is limited in other engineering uses because of its low resistance and its cold flow. How is the material produced for use in engineering?

The material is smoothed over large rollers slowly to ensure that it comes out flat and without any bumps or blemishes. The process is overseen by employees who are in charge of quality assurance of the product. Manufacturers need to be sure that they are sourcing high-quality material, or their products will be faulty.

To learn more about the production process of PTFE composite, watch the video in this article. It provides more information about how the PTFE is laid and prepared for use in engineering and manufacturing. Then, call a manufacturer of PTFE in your area to ask about their wholesale options.