Day: June 15, 2022

4 Common Oil Water Separator Methods

Separating oil from water is a process that has been around for centuries. According to reports, the Oil Water Separator Market is expected to reach $9.13 billion by 2022. There are many different methods that are commonly used in order to separate oil from water. Here are four of the most popular methods…

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Who Uses Methadone for Pain Management?

Pain can be difficult to deal with, but using prescribed drugs should always be a last resort. They can be addictive, but if your pain is severe, they may be necessary. Keep reading along to learn about the patients who might use methadone for pain management. The most common patient that will use…

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What is PTFE Composite Material?

Manufacturers have to know about a lot of different types of materials, depending on the products they manufacture. One of these is PTFE composite material, but what is that used for? Keep reading to learn more about its uses and the production process. This composite material is used for friction units in vehicles,…

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