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Did you know that a single citation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ranges anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000? Productivity, employee hours, and company finances depend on eliminating serious hazards in high-risk work environments, such as industrial operations and maintenance settings. Here are some ways employers can keep workers safe and avoid costly OSHA citations:

Keep Lifting Safe

In many cases, manual lifting is disaster waiting to happen. Manual lifting significantly increases the likelihood of some of the most dangerous and inconvenient hazards, including repetitive strain and sudden impact injuries. (In fact, repetitive strain injuries are responsible for one in four missed work injuries.) What simple products and tools can employers use to protect industrial operations workers?

  • Forklifts, swivel casters and platforms, and leveling feet. Whenever possible, discourage workers from manually lifting or transporting equipment and machinery. Workers can use swivel casters and platforms to easily move loads and navigate equipment and parts around tight corners. Leveling feet help workers stabilize parts on uneven floors and safely raise machines for repairs and inspections.
  • Cinch straps and industrial handles. Sometimes lifting is dangerous because it is awkward or unstable. Installing industrial handles can help workers easily open parts or move awkward machinery. Employees can use cinch straps to secure loads onto platforms for safe lifting.
  • Automated lifting equipment. Moreover, mechanical lifting and handling equipment, such as conveyor belts and pneumatic lifts, can streamline operations and reduce injuries.

Carefully Secure Electrical Wiring

Carefully securing and protecting electrical wiring is critical to workers’ safety. Damaged, loose, or tangled wires pose significant risks, including risks of burns, shocks, and other serious injuries. Workers can use small rubber grommets to protect cords and cables from jagged metal inside machinery. If employees notice damaged cords or plugs, they can use plastic inserts to safely repair the damage. Plastic inserts can typically be installed by hand and can also be used to create a new join, if necessary.

Are you putting your employees and your company’s future at risk? Look out for your employees and company assets by eliminating hazards and avoiding costly safety citations.