Virtual visitation

Having a friend or family member become imprisoned for a crime can be a very difficult time for anyone to go through. Naturally, these people will want to exercise the prisoner visitation rights that are given to the person that they know who is in jail. However, depending on the crime that the individual is imprisoned for and the restrictions and regulations created by the jail, prisoner visitation rights can vary. It may not always be possible for people to visit an inmate in jail face to face. Many jails today are providing a solution to visitation issues with innovative technology in the form of video visitation systems.

Videoconferencing and or CCTV systems and software are used in video visitation. This allows inmates and their visitors to visit at a distance as opposed to face to face. During a jail video visitation, inmates will use a station that is located in their cell or block, while the visitors are elsewhere using a corresponding station. Sometimes, visitors can even use their computers at home. By using the command keys on a video visitation system, authorized personnel can easily conduct, monitor, interact with, and terminate any live, simultaneous visit.

The costs associated with travel, search protocols, and other requirements as per the facility can be avoided by attorneys, clergy, social workers, U.S. Marshalls and family visitors with the use of video visitation. Additionally, attorneys can simplify case prep with privileged virtual visitation options. For a more convenient means of managing visitation between various visitors and inmates, jails can install video visitation systems.