Edible flowers for cake decorating

Though they are not the most easy thing to grow on your own or even make a living from them, micro greens are a great way to spice up a huge variety of sweet and savory edible items. Here are a few facts you should know before you decide to begin utilizing them in your baking or your cooking endeavors.

Micro greens have a delicate, fresh appearance and a vibrant taste. They are a great way to make anything you are making, be it a sweet or savory dish, look fresh and professional. Not only will they make whatever you are making look great, they are also incredibly tasty.

Edible flowers add vibrant color and visual appeal to many dishes, including salads, cakes and desserts, soups and seafood dishes.Whether you decide to use edible flowers for cupcakes or edible flowers for salads, they are an amazing way to give whatever you have made a pop of color and an interesting and exciting new taste.

Whether you decide to use them when they are crystallized, or caramelized, edible flowers have been coated in a sugar solution and dried, making them an ideal addition to desserts, drinks or cheese plates. They can also be used to decorate high end baked goods. Sugar flowers for cupcakes are a great way to make any of your baked goods look like they have come from a high end bakery.

Did you know that medieval monks used to preserve violets in syrup and mead, and use the product to treat cold and flu? Though this is not something that is used today, it is an interesting bit of trivia.

Some varieties of edible flowers include pansy, bachelor’s buttons, calendula, marigold, chrysanthemum, snapdragon, carnation, dahlia, nasturtium and viola. Though there are quite a few more, it depends on the flower. There are a significant number of flowers that are poisonous. Though you will not have to worry about edible flowers being sold to you from someone who specializes in micro greens, if you decide to grow your own, you should take care that what you are growing is not poisonous.