Best seo

In a time when businesses duke it out in cyberspace for the top search result rank, any SEO tips can go a long way. After all, those top ranked results get a whopping 33% search traffic, as reported in June 2013 by Search Engine Watch. This increased traffic results in more business leads, which means more sales, so it’s only natural that any business marketing their wares and services online would want the top spot on Google.

So, to help you beat out competitors, here’s a short, handy list the best SEO tips to start harnessing more traffic before Cyber Monday comes!

1. Use Content Marketing.

According to the SEO tips from Search Engine Journal, fresh content produced at a rate of about three times a week can improve your search engine rankings. In the eyes of search engines, new, useful, relevant content that’s fresh adds relevancy to your site. Search Engine Watch also reports that content marketing impacts time-on-site, conversion rates, is more likely to be shared and linked to. These links are important, as they’re a proven driver of traffic.

2. Get On Social Media.

Once you’ve got some content created, where are you going to put it? Your blog? Your site? How will you get people to know it’s there unless they’re directly looking for it? This is where social media comes in. Posting web content will draw traffic in, and given the content’s quality, is likely to result in re-shares, which further amplify the content’s reach.

3. Mobile Marketing.

Many SEO tips nowadays are recommending that businesses jump on the mobile marketing ship, as trends indicate that people are moving away from desktops as their primary means of Internet access, and more towards mobile devices. It’s reported that 60% of consumers research products and services via their mobile devices several times a month, and half (50%) of mobile searches lead to purchases. The key here is to get a mobile platform designed for your site, to make it easier for mobile browsers to view.

If you have any questions about these SEO tips
, or any SEO tips of your own to post, feel free to share them in the comments!