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In every sense of the word, our homes are our sanctuaries. When we are sick, they provide us with a place where we can recover. When we are hungry, they provide us with a place we can break bread with our friends and family. Yes, our homes provide us with more comfort than any other place in the world.

However, without constant attention to our homes, they can easily become yet another source of worry and financial stress. Home remodeling is one of the best ways to keep our homes both comfortable and great to look at. Many of the best remodel ideas can also cut our energy bills and raise the value of our homes. If you are ready for a home renovation project, here are three home remodeling tips that can save you money and protect your home.

  • Roof Repair and Replacement
  • As any roofing specialist can tell you, our roofs are extremely important parts of our homes. They help to keep heat in while keeping weather and destructive animals out of our homes. Luckily, the technologies used by roofing installers have come a long way since Michigan native Henry M. Reynolds came up with the idea of shaping individual shingles out of asphalt in 1903. Now home remodeling companies offer affordable and eco-friendly roofing solutions that can net a 67% return on investment.

  • Gutter Repair
  • One of the most crucial factors in protecting your roof and, indeed, your entire home, is the state of your gutters. The main purpose of gutters is to drain water from your roof and divert it away from your home’s foundation. However, clogged gutters can easily freeze in the winter, lessening their ability to protect your home. Contracting a roof and gutter repair company can keep your gutters clean, your home safe, and net you as much as a 83% return on investment.

  • Window Replacement
  • Along with paying attention to our roofs and gutters, window replacement has become one of the most beneficial of all home remodeling tips. After all, according to Energy Star, replacing our windows with eco-friendly models can save up to $465 per year on home energy costs, making this one of the most savings friendly remodeling tips out there.

    Whether you are looking to improve the resale value of your home, cut your energy bills, or put the two together, keep these three remodeling tips in mind. By doing so you can reduce the strain on your wallet while making sure your home stands the test of time. Find more on this topic here.