Did you know ancient Egyptians sentenced cat smugglers to death? As much as we may try to hide it and keep a level head, modern cat owners are no less protective. Cats owners hold their pet dear, and regard them as one of their top priorities. Still, thousands of proud cat “parents” are endangering Fluffy and Patches without realizing it. How?

Not Knowing Any Better

Cats are low maintenance, especially in comparison to dogs. (And any experienced pet owner will be able to tell you that they drool a whole lot less, too.) Still, it is your job as a cat lover not to confuse low maintenance with no maintenance. Owners need to be careful to limit the amount of human food and beverages their cats consume. Onions, grapes, chocolate, and garlic are an obvious no no, but even favorites like tuna fish and milk can be harmful in large quantities. (Tuna does not contain essential vitamins cats need, and milk is likely to cause digestive problems and gas.) Likewise, ignoring blatant indications of something awry, like a well trained cat peeing outside of the litter box, can be downright neglectful.

Neglecting Annual Check Ups

Cat owners rush to the vet when something is wrong, but often that is not enough. Find a vet as soon as possible, and make sure to schedule regular checkups. Many new owners may feel a bit lost when they set out to find a veterinarian, but the process does not have to be a difficult one. Need some suggestions?

Always ask friends and family for personal experience. Chances are you can easily gauge how much friends care about pets and, if they are anywhere near as enthusiastic as you, then it it a good idea to ask them to review veterinarians in your area. You can also go online to check out vet websites and social media networks for veterinarian reviews.

If the one thing you know is that your cat is important to you, you need to make sure to keep him or her healthy. Ask friends and family to review veterinarians, watch what your cat eats, and be attune to telltale signs that something is wrong. Visit here for more information: veterinarianreviewsnow.com