St louis seo

More than one billion online searches occur each month, and that number is growing by 50 percent year over year. In fact, of those billion searches, an astounding 80 percent of online users search for local businesses over the internet in lieu of traditional offline mediums, such as phone books or newspapers.

Specifically, 70 percent of internet users in North America are connected to at least one local business online. So what does that mean for you? It means you need to join the 63 percent of business owners who claim that social media has improved their marketing and business efforts. Here are three social media strategies to help you get there straight from the genius of a local SEO expert and organic SEO expert.

  1. Get Mobile
  2. The best seo expert knows that 65 percent of internet users rely on their smartphone or tablet devices to search for local businesses, and by 2014, industry and social media marketing expert believe that mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage. As such, make the design of your site as mobile friendly as possible.

  3. Go Organic
  4. The beauty of organic links (those that appear via keyword searches on a SERP) is that not only do more users click on them, but 18 percent of those links often rise to the number one position in Google. How do you get your organic links to appear on page one? Make your content smarter, more clever, more interesting, incorporate organic SEO expert tips (such as keyword integration), and promote yourself like crazy, which brings us to number three.

  5. Be Social
  6. Sixty five percent of adults use at least one social networking site; and that number is growing each day. That is why by increasing your social networking efforts (via platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), you are raising your odds of getting noticed, picked up, and forwarded. In addition, the more often that links to your website are shared, the higher it will rank in search engines. And do not be afraid to shout out your own praises. But if you do, any St Louis SEO expert will tell you that 20 percent of all social media posts include a link to website.

Now off you go…grow, prune, and enhance your online brand and presence! Continue reading here.