Cosmetic surgeons in northern virginia

Nobody takes the decision to have facelift surgery lightly. You are taking a step to increase your quality of life but this is surgery, and you’re trusting something you see every day in the mirror, a very important part of your sense of self, to your doctor.

But the reasons to do it are compelling. A facelift can make you feel and look younger, inspire personal confidence, and add a new energy to your life.

You have a basic decision to make: would you like to be awake or asleep when your facelift Virginia surgery is being done?

Think about it.

Many cosmetic surgeons in northern virginia will offer you a choice of having your facelift Virginia done while awake or asleep, and there are positives and negatives to each approach.

Before any surgical decision is made, however, you and your doctor will together decide which areas of your face will be subject to improvement, and how much will be done at one time. Then you will decide, with all the facts and a plan before you, what kind of sedation will be used.

General anesthesia means you will be asleep while the doctor does the facelift. You will be given drugs to relax you, then an intravenous drug to put you to sleep, along with inhaled gases to keep you asleep and comfortable. You won’t feel or remember anything, and that may be just exactly the way you want it. But general anesthesia also has risks and complications. Ask your facelift Virginia doctor to explain them to you completely.

Local anesthesia will be used only on very specific areas. For your facelift Virginia, the anesthetic is injected under the skin or can be applied to nerve bundles. You will be given a vey mild oral sedative before the procedure and only a small area will be anesthetized. The risks with local anesthesia are normally far less than with general anesthesia and there are other advantages: you don’t have to fast before your facelift Virginia…in fact you could eat during the procedure if you had to, or right after.

And because local anesthesia requires much less equipment and monitoring, it is a far less expensive procedure.

The choice is yours. A botox in VA or medspa va surgeon will be happy to explain precisely what any facelift Virginia procedure entails, and tell you what to expect, using either general and local anesthesia. Your surgeon will also explain the risks and benefits of each facelift Virginia procedure and each form of anesthesia. Will you be asleep or awake?

A new you is so close…