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QR codes, or those little square bar codes that can be scanned with a smart phone, are growing in popularity. They can be used to direct a smart phone user to text or contact info, open a specific site in a phone web browser or even lead to unique content via a mobile app. These codes are just one example of the evolution of digital marketing. The Pew Internet And American Life Project conducted a study that revealed more than nine out of every 10 smart phone users to rely on their devices to check their email messages and surf the web. These numbers coincide with expert predictions that by 2015, mobile browsing will be as popular or even eclipse the popularity of traditional desktop web browsers.

This is why brand consulting and brand marketing matters in your overall digital marketing strategy. A franchise consultant can help franchise marketing flow smoothly at your specific shop. However, a corporate brand marketing agency ought to be contacted for your company wide strategy across all franchises. There are more than half, or 52 percent, of consumers that choose to stop following Facebook updates due to the repetitive nature of posts by a company. Most users also admit that they only follow a certain company on Facebook because they want to enjoy savings that are used as a sales incentive. Chasing likes on Facebook, in other words, is an empty marketing metric that has lost favor with most serious marketing professionals.

However, there are also more than half, or 57 percent, of business to business marketers that claim search engine optimization to have the greatest impact on their lead generation strategies and success. In other words, search engine optimization is more valuable for the use of company resources than bland social media strategy. Social media use is essential, considering how many users your company can reach across the social networks most popular on both web browsing and mobile apps. In other words, brand marketing agency services have evolved considerably since the Ridley Scott directed Apple advertisement that debuted during the 1984 Super Bowl and had a Big Brother theme.

Contact a brand marketing agency with experience in your industry to learn more. A reliable brand marketing agency should be able to show past examples of their success. Your brand marketing agency may lead to business growth beyond your wildest dreams, so determine which brand marketing agency is worth your time with online research and due diligence.

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