Restaurant food safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put out an estimate that every year one in six Americans get sick from eating contaminated food. The culprit can e E.Coli, which is a bacterium that is found in under cooked or raw beef. Raw milk and unpasteurized juices are another source of E.Coli poisoning. There are approximately 73,000 cases of food poisoning in the U.S. every year. The economic cost each year for food borne illnesses caused by E Coli is $478 million according to ERS estimates. Food safety certification is more important than ever for people handling food.

A food handling course can teach you all about how handling food can be done safely so as to avoid cross contamination and such. Today, cured meat like bacon has curing agents in it that make it remain pink, even when it is cooked. This makes it hard to know if bacon is cooked unless you use a thermometer. Safely handling food properly today has to be learned in a food and hygiene course. People who get a food handling certificate learn how important handling food is. Restaurant food safety training is extremely important to have for anyone working in the restaurant business today.